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Top 5 Reasons you need a short break

It's very exciting organising a big holiday, months of planning scouring the internet, asking friends and family for their travel tips - then the big day comes, you have a […]

I actually AM Wonder Woman

Hahahahaha as if!  But I have always secretly wanted to BE Wonder Woman.  She is my favourite superhero.  I watched all the episodes, was mesmerized by her Superhuman strength, speed, […]

You want great skin? Then Just Do it!

You want better skin, there is no secret product or ingredient that can give it to you unless you are prepared to actually do it routinely.  The key is in […]

What or Who do you Love?


I have just seen the movie "Collateral Beauty" with Will Smith, and started thinking about Life without Love.  This is not a movie review, although it IS excellent, thought […]

Gifts for Her? Take the pain away with a Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers,  Gift Cards whatever you want to call them.  I like to call them the answers to my prayers!  It's the gift that cannot go wrong.
Never mind driving […]

Take a tour of Chalet set up for Girlfriends Getaway

It's one thing to read about how beautiful and relaxing our Chalets and retreat is, but to actually see inside how the beds are made up for a Girlfriend Getaway, […]

Don’t RUSH your skincare

Technology has come a long way in the past 10 years,  we have been spoilt for choice to obtain quicker more results driven outcomes.  Many of the treatments on offer […]

Beauty Sleep – Fact or Fiction?


Let's just cut right to the chase shall we?  The average adult aged 26 -64 yrs needs between 7 -9 hour sleep per night.  Uninterrupted sleep is also better, but […]

Destress before you Detox

Take time out to relax first

green smoothie

Before you reach for that green smoothie thinking that a Detox will be the answer to your problems......STOP!  Detoxing takes effort, you will feel headachy & sluggish for possibly days […]

To Botox or Not to Botox?

Wrinkles, wrinkles and more wrinkles - just go away or at least be minimized, please.  That's what most of Australia is saying, and we are finding it more acceptable to […]